Baity's is now shipping all configurations of our custom benchrest quality RAVEN CENTERFIRE Actions!
This action is designed for the shorter BR, PPC, and 223 cases.

Standard features include:

  • 0 or 20 MOA Base
  • Right Hand Bolt
  • 1.063 X 16 TPI Barrel Tenon
  • Integral Bolt Release
  • Threaded bolt handle (Tactical bolt knob optional)
  • Double pinned recoil lug
  • Trigger hanger to accept Remington style or Jewell trigger
  • 2 action bolt holes for bedding options as desired
    Note: Action screws are not included

    Options include:

  • 223, PPC, or 308 (BR) Bolt Face
  • Left side loading port

    We are now able to accept and process international export orders for our actions!
    Please call for details.

    Baity's is now taking orders for our custom Actions!
    Please call for more information or to place your order.